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U.S. Patents relating to the Gardner Gun

Patent No. Description Date Issued Assignee
174,130 Machine Gun 2/29/1876 William Gardner
177,030 Machine Gun 3/14/1876 James P.Taylor
190,645 Machine Gun 5/8/1877 James P. Taylor
206,365 Machine Gun 7/23/1878 James P. Taylor
216,266 Machine Gun 6/10/1879 William Gardner
227,648 Tripod -Support for Machine-Guns 5/18/1880 Edward G. Parkhurst
228,777 Machine-Gun 6/15/1880 Edward G. Parkhurst
228,926 Cartridge Packing Case 6/15/1880 Edward G. Parkhurst
229,007 Cartridge Feed Case for Machine Guns 6/22/1880 Edward G. Parkhurst
231,607 Machine Gun 8/24/1880 Edward G. Parkhurst
231,927 Cartridge Packing and Feed Case 9/7/1880 Edward G. Parkhurst
235,627 Cartridge Feeder for Machine Guns 12/21/1880 W. Gardner & E. G. Parkhurst
245,710 Machine Gun 8/16/1881 William Gardner
341,500 Friction Holdfast 5/11/1886 Edward G. Parkhurst



Patent # 174,130 The original patent applied for, and granted to, William Gardner of Toledo, Ohio on Feb. 29 1876 


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Patent174130 003.jpg (140885 bytes)

Patent174130 004.jpg (117013 bytes)

Patent174130 005.jpg (341530 bytes)

Patent174130 006.jpg (383620 bytes)

The following patent, Number 177030, was granted to James P. Taylor just a few weeks after the initial patent issued William Gardner.  The story of Mr. Taylor is just beginning to emerge and will surely prove to be an interesting addition to the development history of small arms.  Mr. Taylor worked in the Patent office, apparently saw room for improvement on designs that came across his desk, and patented them.  His venture into the development of machine guns produced at least one working gun which is now in the Smithsonian.  Little information has surfaced regarding the gun but the story of Taylor and his inventions makes a very interesting entry into the story of the Gardner gun.  You see, there appears on the the top cover of one Gardner gun the patent date of May 8, 1877 and I have not found a patent issued to William Gardner for that date.  Mr. Taylor, however, does have a patent issued on that date, number 190,645.  Any information on this person, his patents, or known relations to the Gardner gun would be appreciated.

Patent 177030, issued to James P. Taylor May 2, 1876

Patent177030_001.jpg (165059 bytes) Patent177030_002.jpg (168320 bytes) Patent177030_003.jpg (196234 bytes) Patent177030_004.jpg (144134 bytes) Patent177030_005.jpg (337260 bytes) Patent177030_006.jpg (408631 bytes)
Patent177030_007.jpg (384628 bytes) Patent177030_008.jpg (104830 bytes)


Patent 190645, issued to James P. Taylor May 8, 1877

The photo below is of the top cover of gun number 59 which now resides in a private museum in California.  This is the only Gardner gun that I have seen with a significant amount of markings.  The others that I have seen had only serial numbers and the occasional Pratt & Whitney horizontal oval.  Gun number 59 is U.S. inspected by "DFC" and shows the "US" stamp in many locations about the casing.  


Top Cover from Garder #59. Note May 8th date.wpe12.jpg (276064 bytes) Patent190645_001.jpg (186934 bytes) Patent190645_002.jpg (175801 bytes) Patent190645_003.jpg (172855 bytes) Patent190645_004.jpg (150351 bytes) Patent190645_005.jpg (331055 bytes)
Patent190645_006.jpg (400700 bytes) Patent190645_007.jpg (404598 bytes) Patent190645_008.jpg (118511 bytes)


Patent 216266, issued to William Gardner June 10, 1879

Patent216266-01.jpg (179933 bytes) Patent216266-02.jpg (151253 bytes) Patent216266-03.jpg (141991 bytes) Patent216266-04.jpg (294481 bytes) Patent216266-05.jpg (333310 bytes) Patent216266-06.jpg (324692 bytes)
Patent216266-07.jpg (314800 bytes) Patent216266-08.jpg (79179 bytes) ArmasYMuniciones08.jpg (76701 bytes) ArmasYMuniciones11.jpg (183238 bytes) ArmasYMuniciones07.jpg (55885 bytes)